"Monty's is such as wonderful nursery and all the staff are so wonderful, we've been truly blessed to have the opportunity to experience such a lovely place."   


We get so many appreciative letters and emails from parents... 


"Montys is a wonderful nursery. Its most outstanding feature is the staff, who are kind, caring and thoughtful. Unlike many nurseries, most of them have been there for some time and they build a genuine rapport with children and parents. As a mother of three, I have some experience of different childcare settings and I can honestly say that Montys is the best. The food and facilities - including a huge garden - are great, and they are always adding new toys and equipment. It is a stimulating and loving environment and I have never hesitated to leave my girls there. 


"We would like to thank all the staff at Montys. Our daughter has learnt a lot from the nursery and loves the teachers and her friends so much. She has made great progress with language and drawing, thank you!"


"You've fed them the most amazing food, dealt with challenges professionally and warmly and given me a good few parenting tips along the way too."


"You have been so wonderful and have made such a huge positive impact on her life. She loves all of you and will take with her fantastic memories." 


"The food at Montys is excellent and all cooked on site, our daughter is so happy at nursery and loves her carers. She loves the variety of toys, activities and the garden!"


 "I have to share with you a comment I received from my Uncle who is a music teacher and orchestra manager with Royal College of Music - he has had over 30 years teaching experience with very young children as well as young adults.  He came to our house for lunch a few weeks ago and as he is interested in how A is developing he asked about Monty's.  I told him all the wonderful stories about A's development then I showed him the detailed daily reports that I keep in a huge folder… he was, quite honestly, blown away.  He could not believe that, at this early age, A was learning about different cultures, foreign languages etc and he said that the what we are giving A right through Monty's would put many primary schools up and down the country to shame…"  


We are also delighted to find that there are many unsolicited testimonials on the local website Best of Richmond


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